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Why do downloads slow down at the end?

Why do downloads slow down at the end?

The World Wide Web is a vast connection among computer s that were made to exist all around the world. As a system of interlinked documents, the Web can be accessed only in the presence of an Internet connection. Internet connection varies on speed, memory and bandwidth. The greater the bandwidth, the faster it is for one to browse and skim through the desired sites. As the Web unceasingly flourishes, even through the tough times, the privilege of users in gaining access to various sites and downloading files has become easier, more convenient and less costly. Today, a lot of people have been greatly dependent on utilizing the Web to watch videos and movies, save songs, and updating applications that can be free of charge.

One fall back with regards to the World Wide Web is basically its vastness. The wide scope of the Web has somehow made it difficult for users to gain access to the different sites. It has been evident that over the time, downloads have become slower and slower as the day starts to get busy and even through the night. This is because many people are accessing sites causing for the servers to respond slowly. The type of internet connection also indicates the speed of responses one can get in accessing through the sites. If more people utilize the same internet connection, there is a greater tendency for downloads to run at a slower speed, especially when it nears the end. Another reason is that downloads coming from various sources try to finish the existing chunks of the current sources. Therefore, if the download is near the end, the high speed sources finish their chunks first and thereby making more time for the slower ones to steadily finish.


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