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Why Do Edward’s Eyes Change Color?

Why Do Edward’s Eyes Change Color?

Twilight series is one of the great blockbuster movies that are launched these days. It is a romantic American movie which is directed by Catherine Hardwick. It focuses on the romantic relationship of Bella and Edward Cullen who is a vampire.

Edward, one of the main characters in this film is a hundred and eight years old vampire hence appeared to look like seventeen years old. He is the love interest of Bella whose life is in danger as she is hunted by a sadistic vampire. Edward also has a power or ability to read minds.

On the other hand, Edward has confusing character in this movie; he used to change eye colors from black to golden brown. The colors of his eyes change depending of what he feels. It is also the reason behind these changes.

Edward’s eyes are black once he is hungry while it turns golden brown once he is satisfied. His eyes turn golden brown when he went on a hiking trip together with family. This is also where he had a hard time resist killing Bella since he had learned to love her.

Vampires with golden brown eyes are also believed as vegetarian vampires. Hence if their eyes changes to red then it only means that their prey are humans. Actually there are books that can provide further explanation regarding these changes in the eye color of a vampire.

In the beginning of the film, Edward’s eyes are black as he has not eaten anything. He was out of school since he needed to leave the town to eat, probably animals. When he came back in his school after eating, his eyes turn to golden brown because he is already satisfied and full. The golden brown color of Edward’s eyes in the film only implies that he is not a bad vampire as the bad vampire’s eye colors are believed to be red.


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