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Why Do Egg Yolks Turn Green?

Why Do Egg Yolks Turn Green?

Egg yolks are sometimes separated from the egg whites if you will to cook mayonnaise and custard. It can also be used in making liqueurs or mixed drinks. It only implies that this can have so many uses especially in cooking and making various things.

On the other hand, the big question here is that why do egg yolk turn green? Well, this could be possibly being the cause once you overheat an egg. It causes hydrogen sulfide react to the iron that is present in the egg yolk and then forms a grayish green compound.

This color is absolutely not appetizing but believe it or not, it is very fine to eat. Nonetheless, if you really don’t think that you can eat egg yolk with this color then you can probably avoid it by chilling the eggs when you done cooking. Running cold water over the eggs is one of the best ways that you can do once your cooking time elapsed.

Sinking an egg to cold water means that you will stop the cooking process and this is advisable for you to avoid getting it green. It greatly minimizes the sulfur-iron reaction which is the main cause why egg yolk turns green. Always keep in mind that once an egg is heated, its yolk and the egg white combine and this could also probably cause the yolk to turn green.

Consequently, the best thing that you should do is to cook the eggs just long enough to reach your preferences. One more thing that you will have to keep in mind when you are cooking eggs is that it is very easy and simple to cook. Meaning, it does not require much heat to be cooked. If you are to cook eggs, you will need to make sure to minimize the heat of your burners so that you can also avoid getting it overcooked.


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