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Why Do Eggs Upset My Stomach?

Why Do Eggs Upset My Stomach?

Eggs are one of the most common foods that are typically served during breakfast. It is a food that is rich in choline and protein. It is also categorized as meat based on the food guide pyramid.

On the other hand, eating eggs can also upset stomach of some individuals. This may be because of various reasons. First possible reason is allergy, people ought to develop allergies at any time possible. If this is the case, then you ought to see and consult your doctor so you would know the right things to do.

Allergies in eggs are usually developed during childhood. Probably during your infant days as one if the most common food allergies in infants is eggs. If this is the reason why your stomach is upset once you eat eggs then you might have developed egg allergies during your childhood years. And, worst, you will keep this while you grow.

Another possible reason why your stomach is upset when you eat eggs is contamination. If you your stomach are rarely been upset when you eat eggs then contamination is probably the reason. Therefore, it is advisable for you to double check the eggs that you cook before cooking and eating it.

You will know and confirm if an egg is contaminated by its smell. If there is something wrong with its smell then it is probably contaminated and you must not eat it. Keep in mind that eating contaminated eggs can cause risky health or stomach conditions, so you have to be cautious enough.

Eggs may be one of your favorite foods especially in your first meal. However, you have to be extra cautious with eating eggs. This is not to imply that eggs are not advisable to eat, the fact is that you have to be cautious enough when eating this because it can cause allergies and other severe health conditions.


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