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Why do facebook games run slow?

Why do facebook games run slow?

Facebook is social network site that has gotten way too overboard, that almost all people got addicted to going online and check one’s facebook. Aside from being able to update one’s status, one can have the privilege of viewing other people on facebook as well. More so, one can have the privilege to chat and greet friends while browsing through one’s account. Despite being one big social network site, facebook limits its networking. The people have the privilege of putting things in privacy such as in photos, comments and even the account itself. What’s more interesting in facebook is that it provides its users various applications. There are various applications such games, quizzes, and daily horoscopes.

As more people get inclined into playing facebook games, the level of criticisms has also increased. The more that the people play, the more people find it hard to access through other applications. One complaint about facebook is that its games have gradually been running slow. At the initial period, games tend to run as normal and as fast as games should be actually played. But after several games, the application tends to slow down its pace and eventually sometimes reaching the game to a halt. As experts have viewed this problem, it was discovered that the culprit for facebook games running slow is because of Adobe Flash being poorly written as a program. Although many have assumed that the reason for the facebook games sluggishness is because of the people’s computer being old, making it incompatible with Adobe Flash’s requirements. But it was found that Adobe Flash is a program with an optimized code, thereby causing applications and links to run slower than expected.

To solve this problem, installing a new version of Adobe is the key.


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