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Why do fevers cause nightmares?

by erwin


Nightmares are dreams that sometimes make people wake up during the night because of fear, panic, or anxiety.  When negative feelings are involved in dreams, they are usually classified as nightmares. This type of dream had always been thought of as a result of stresses in everyday life.  Some nightmares are also associated with recent exposure to stressful activities like watching a horror movie or a frightening experience in daily life. Another issue associated with nightmares is sickness or fever.  When a person has a fever, many people say that he/she will be more likely to have a nightmare.

The basic reason for the nightmare induced by sickness or fever is that the increased body temperature literally puts so much stress on the mind and the body.  With additional stress being handled by a particular person, he/she will then have a greater chance of experiencing dreams with negative emotions involved.  Additional physical stress experienced by a person will also contribute to the further elevation of body temperature and thereby causing fever and sickness.  The higher the temperature reading, the more stress is put on the physical and mental side of the body.  This condition may then translate to having nights of terror or nightmares.

Nightmares that are caused by fever are frequently seen in children, and these usually stem from the physical, emotional, and mental stresses in school or at home.  Children who are being bullied, or those who’ve had a bad experience while playing, for example, will have emotional or mental stress.  Some of these children will also get sick easier because of the stress they experienced, and all these may translate into having nightmares during sleep.

It is also common for fever to contribute to experiencing nightmares in children when these children are too tired from physical work during the day or have irregular sleeping patterns.  Common fears and anxieties by people may also cause them to have a fever and then have nightmare-types of dreams later on.

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