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Why Do Flies Fly in Circles?

Why Do Flies Fly in Circles?

The direction of how flies actually fly can be very confusing and nauseating to stare at! With every fly going around in circles over one particular object, you’d think that maybe the reason to this is the flies multiple eyes which makes it move like a crossed-eye. For hours at a time, you would notice how these remarkably ugly insects fly in circles over one area for hours at a time.
With the notion that flies only live a life expectancy of 14 days, you may think that flies fly in such an aimless and circular direction because it is in too much of a hurry to do a list of things before it dies.

So why is it that flies do fly the way that they do,¦ In circles? Studies have shown that this is because that flies are often in a continuous search for a perch. Like a suitable central light where it would best for him to fight off a rival fly and more so, fitting for it to attract its future mate.

To answer the question why flies move in a curve, flies do so to have a constant vantage point of where the light reflects. You see, if a fly sees a light to close, his tendency is to lose focus and impair his navigation instincts. A better way for him to find balance therefore is to find an angle where the reflection of the light varies as it flies past, to keep a constant angle of the light parallel with their flight path.

In addition to these facts, scientists have confirmed that this explains why flies are actually attracted to light, specifically light bulbs. It is because they prefer warm spots to fend off rivals and breed since doing so enables them to burn off less nutrients than when they are not exposed to the infrared radiation of what the light bulb produces.


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