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Why Do Flowers Bloom?

Why do flowers bloom?

All the flowers do not bloom in the spring. The flowers bloom to set a fruit and later seeds and it will mature before winter. In the winter season, the petals of the flower will wither off and die. So they have to bloom in the spring season itself. Every flower has its own time for blooming and its season to show off. Some flowers will have more than one season time for their growth and blooming while some flowers will have short time to complete the fertilization process and wither off. Different flowers have different seasons for blooming.

The factors in the environment will have strong impact on the time when the flowers bloom. Extreme or peak winters will not be understood by the plant well and hence it cannot bloom at that time. The flowers will require the bees for pollinating them and hence number of bees will approach them and trigger the blooming process. The bees will aid in pollination mechanism. Some flowers need total sunlight for blooming. So they cannot bloom in rainy season and the blooming might get delayed. If the rain is not sufficient for the flower, it will not bloom.

Some flowers bloom in summer and they continue doing even in the frost. They bloom when the frost enhances too. Some of the flowers that bloom in summer are begonia, primrose, cosmos, liatris, purple, coneflower, celosia and zinnia. The actual reason for the flower to bloom is to carryout fertilization process. The male flowers have male reproductive organs and male reproductive cell (sperm) while female flowers will have female reproductive organs and cells (egg). The pollen from the stamen will fall on the stigma of the female reproductive organ called pistil. The pollen tube that is generated from the pollen will pass through the fertilization tube and fertilize the ovules and in turn the egg cell inside. The fertilized ovum will grow into fruit and then develop seeds inside. So flowers bloom to facilitate fertilization process.


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