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Why do Foreigners come to America?

Why do Foreigners come to America?

There are many reasons for the foreigners to come to United States. One of the reasons for the outsiders to come to United States is for employment. They also come here to earn more and keep their families happy. Another reason for the foreigners to come to United States is for educational purpose as well as to be away from extremely bad political scenarios and war. Each immigrant will have his own reason for having come to United States. But, most of them come for employment purpose.
Some people were found to be entering America illegally on foot or by a car. Some of these people will be identified as illegal immigrants while some are not recognized. Most of the foreigners enter the United States legally by taking permission from their government authorities as well as keep necessary documentation required for their check. Some people come to United States by marrying the citizen of United States. The legal immigrants of USA enter this land by aero-plane.
People immigrate to go high up in their social classes by earning some money. The immigrants who come to America for up lifting their families economically take the risk in their lives, for their families. The immigrants risk their lives to get a better life. Some people were found to have immigrated to escape from religious pressures, poverty and political dangers. People immigrate to United States to get better opportunities and better lives and they get freedom to live in the way they like.
The actual reason for the people to enter United States is for prosperity. Economic growth easily surpassing the population growth in countries like United States has fulfilled the dreams of the people who liked to have better lives. United States has provided the life the immigrants aspired for. The immigrants apart from getting benefit from the country also contributed to the economy of United States. It was reported that the immigrants contribute around $10 billion every year to the US economy. Hence, immigrants are definitely a plus to the US economy.


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