Why Do Genealogy?

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Why Do Genealogy?

Doing genealogy is something thrilling and definitely an adventure to say the least. It is one avenue where you will directly come closer with all your long lost origins. Tracing your family and relatives’ roots is something which is definitely rewarding not only because of the fact that you may discover something new and great but because of the tedious fact that you will be doing and eventually there is a great price at the end of the search.

Why do you do genealogy? This is one basic question that always comes across my mind every time I see curious people trying to find the missing link of his family tree that will somehow and someway keep him whole. Sometimes, doing genealogy will lead you to something beyond speech and reason, to something mysterious and grand, namely the pillars of who you are and what you are now.

There have been several attempts from a lot of people in view of finding the missing parts or the great unknown of their respective roots and family trees but as usual, frustrations will always be there to meet them. Whether we like it or not, there will always be a missing link which we can never find for an answer in view of completing the puzzle of our family roots. If this is the case, why do genealogy then?

Well, sheer joy and personal satisfaction forces and encourage us to engage into the surreptitious almost painstaking herculean endeavor of knowing the bits and pieces of our long past. This goal of putting everything into the known reality is a very much tall order which sometimes may lead us to desperation. Yet along the way there will always be great and valuable experiences and life’s lesson which we can definitely draw from this task of connecting every important detail and episodes of our family tree. There will never be any great harm if we try reconnecting with our past; after all it’s our family, our life, our joy.

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