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Why do Girls like jerk?

by shiela


Why do Girls like jerk?

It’s quite a surprise why some girls like jerks rather than too-good-to-be-true guys. Let’s define first what a jerk is. It is actually a term coined in modern generation. Jerk is someone who is selfish and manipulative. They just consider their women as sexual buddy used as personal pleasure. At first, a jerk will act sweetly so that the girl will fall for him but later on dumps her for another woman.

The woman on the other hand will try to win back the jerk again and the same story happens again.

For other girls, being with jerks is a challenge. Since they are manipulative, some girls love to be maneuvered. They wanted their men to be the dominant one. They want to please their men because it gives them a feeling of being important.

Jerks are sweet. They tell jokes even though it hurts their women already. Some girls were too innocent to be fooled so they thought their guy is loving, romantic, and passionate. The girl will fall head over heels in love to the extent that she will do everything to please the guy. Sometimes, she would choose to be her man’s slave. This will make the jerk does his act. He will leave the girl for another woman. Since the girlfriend really loves the jerk, she will again admit her mistakes and get the jerk back.

Some girls like jerk because they are afraid of commitment. They just wanted to have fun with the relationship. They find their partner (the jerk) as a buddy whom they can talk with and have pleasure with. They don’t have any intention to make the relationship last. Some girls just use the jerks as companions, sexual partner, or worse, their toy”. For them, if guys know how to play around, they can also play their cards better than the jerks.

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