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Why Do Gnats bite?

Why Do Gnats bite?

Gnats are insects which look similar to mosquitoes. The term ‘gnats, refer to small biting insects and represent a big pool of insects which include a large family of them. Gnats are known with various names like punkies, eye gnats, black gnats, black flies, hippelates flies, buffalo gnats, buffalo flies. It is really difficult to identify the biting gnats, but easier to control them. Gnats are found to survive in places where the conditions are warm as well as moist. As they are very small in size and able to perpetuate quickly, gnats are easily found to be living inside any small structure.

It is found that gnats bite. It is found that female gnats need to have a blood meal to become fertile. They lay eggs in the damp areas, in salt marshes, on animal excreta, flower pots with stagnant water, rain barrels, old tires and buckets which can store more water that is congenial for the survival of gnats. The hatched eggs release the pupa after 2 to 3 weeks. The pupa will metamorphose into adult after it matures.

The adult gnats are the real problem to us. They normally land on the human skin and bite. The females especially suck the blood to be more fertile. It is laborious to catch hold of them and kill them as they are hard to be identified. Gnats do not bite on the clothes or anything that you wear. They are known to reach the areas on your skin like the ankle regions or belt line or in the hairs. Those who are bitten by gnats do not feel anything for a certain period after the bite. Later, the bitten area starts swelling. We can also see bleeding from the bitten area. The area becomes more itchy and painful. Sometimes it is better to apply some antiseptic cream on the bite as gnats carry bacteria from the area of its bite to skin of another person. They bite because they feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals.


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