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Why Do Gnats Swarm?

Why Do Gnats Swarm?

Camping is one form of recreation and bonding for friends and family. With camping, friends and family do catch up with lost times because of busy schedules. With this type of activity, one can encounter different insects especially during night time and one of these are gnats.

Gnats are small insects that belong to a family just like that of mosquitoes and flies. They are very tiny flies that can be found anywhere in the world in places where there is a body of water as they place their eggs in these watery places. They are also called black flies or midges for other people. But why do they swarm us?

These gnats swarm and hover around us especially on our head. Why is this so? First reason is, as human beings we emit heat. We also give off carbon dioxide, which attracts them, as they are as well are attracted to rotten stuff like rotten fruits. As warm blooded animals, we emit natural occurring chemical called ammonia, and they are attracted to it. If sweat out, they would also be a swarming us because they love to go near wet environment or objects. They are also attracted to our smell. And to top it all, these gnats bite us because they need warm-blooded animals in order to survive.

At first glance, these gnats seem not to bite us, but they do. Unlike mosquitoes they don’t bite you right then and there; instead they crawl under our clothing, our hair and to other parts of the body. You would just notice it, if you’ve seen the swelling of your skin and you feel the itch and the pain.

The next time we go on camping, we know that it’s inevitable to avoid gnats as they are naturally occurring. We should be ready with a first aid kit and the best way to avoid any insect bites or gnats’ bites is to put on insect repellant lotions in exposed body areas. Wearing long sleeves and pants when near the stream or river would also do the trick.


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