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Why Do Good People Suffer?

Why Do Good People Suffer?

You must have heard this controversial question over and over again: Why do good people suffer? Obviously, we have one personal answer to this question in the deepest recesses of our hearts, yet we simply continue asking this question. This question has been asked by a lot of people in so many places and in numerous occasions. Obviously, we will not ask a question if the one who is suffering is actually a bad guy whom we have known for quite sometimes. We will simply nod and say to ourselves, that person simply deserve such pain he is feeling or undergoing now as a bad karma for all the evil things he committed.

However, if a good person suffers, let’s say for instance, a newborn baby who is diagnosed with a deadly disease such as cancer, or a religious woman who was sexually abused by a gang of drug addicts, then our hearts will surely melt and continually ask the question mentioned above. Let’s deeply ponder upon this reality of suffering. Why on earth a good-natured person will be allowed by a good God to suffer when in fact, this same good person did all his best in following the Commandments even to the letter? Is God unfair?

Well, God is not unfair; otherwise, He will contradict His nature of being perfectly just and good. The primary reason why good people may suffer is probably due to unavoidable circumstances caused by nature’s wrath such as a tsunami hitting populated seashore with plenty of family enjoying summer, misdeed of evil people such as a drunk and rude taxi driver hitting an innocent old woman crossing the street, and many other reasons.

Come to think of it, our God is a just and merciful God, it will never please him to see good people suffering. In fact He lets everyone receives His bountiful blessings such as the rain and the sunshine, without exception.


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