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Why do Goosebumps happen?

Why do Goosebumps happen?

When we have fear or if it is cold outside the skin reacts with them to raise Goosebumps. Each of the hairs in the skin was found to be attached to the muscle which tries to contract when it is cold outside. During the cold environment, the hair on the skin stands up and forms a single layer of insulation. When you are afraid of something, the hair stands up and the muscle contraction results in the formation of goose bumps on the skin. The fear and cold weather makes the sympathetic nervous system to react which causes goose bumps to come up. The goose bumps are a result of the signals or messages sent from the brain to the skin as part of the fight or flight” mechanism. This fighting mechanism through creation of goose bumps is not only seen in humans but also in other mammals. For example, porcupine triggers its quills when it is threatened.
Goose bumps are the consequence of physiological chain reaction. This chain reaction starts with stimulation of nervous discharge from the involuntary nervous system. This involuntary response of the nervous system will lead to the contraction of very small muscles of the hair lying underneath every hair follicle. This contraction pushes the hair follicle to rise up on the skin. So, it appears as if the hair is standing on the hair follicle. As the skin of human beings will not be covered with much hair, we can observe the hair follicle rising and form goose bumps.
Goose bumps are considered to be the consequence of emotions like fear. But, fear is not the only emotion that causes them. The limbic system of the brain triggers the emotions in us as this system gets the sensory information which also includes responding to pleasant events. Music and art forms generally initiate strong emotional feelings which may result in formation of goose bumps. Goose bumps also can happen just before or after the seizures or when the medication is stopped.


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