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Why Do Great Danes Lean?

Why Do Great Danes Lean?

Great Danes leaning are not just a trait that is exclusive to this breed but to all dogs. Dogs are social animals. Since they cannot express themselves vocally, they use their bodies to convey what they want to say. Leaning is not just a breed trait but also a trait that is done by all dogs.

However, since dogs are social animals, it needs to be a part of a group. To them leaning is a gesture that signifies that they are accepted and loved. Leaning is a sign of affection that they have for their masters for taking care of them well. It can also be a sign of possessiveness or protectiveness especially when they sense danger.

Leaning is a sign that your Great Dane wants to be petted. It is seeking attention from its master. It is as common to other dogs doing the same thing. It is just that the size of the dog makes it a trait that you do not often want to indulge in. Great Danes being heavy and tall will really make you want to push it away when it starts to lean on you.

Since all dogs do lean, it just becomes too obvious for a Great Dane because of its huge size. That is why training should start while the dog is still a puppy. Obedience school for this breed should start early so that they will know how to behave especially when other people are around.

Great Danes make great pets because it is gentle, quiet and dignified. It is also a well-mannered dog, a trait that can be further enhanced with obedience school. It is also a loyal and affectionate dog, which means you, will often get leaned on, as they love showing their appreciation. They are also great pets to kids. You just have to be careful because their sheer size can accidentally knock down a small child.


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