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Why do Guinea pigs squeal?

Why do Guinea pigs squeal?

Guinea pigs squeal generally when anyone makes a noise. There are few reasons for the guinea pigs to squeal or make sounds. Guinea pigs are social animals and hence they tend to travel in groups. Being in group is part of their survival method. As they travel in groups they make some noises in order to communicate among themselves. Generally it is observed that there is only one male in the group that is sexually matured. The adults of the herd will not tolerate the sexual behavior of the young males. So they make sounds and keep various different body postures to warn the young males when they show sexual behavior.

Females in the guinea pig groups were known to crave for ranking in the group. The females will fight like the males but will not send away the females from the group. The females seem to aspire for higher ranking in the group so that they can perform any activity at any time. Females usually make squeals for defensive purpose.

It is also studied that if the guinea pig is satisfied, comfortable and try to communicate with other guinea pigs, then it will grunt or gurgle or squeal. Squeals and shrieks are sounds that are generally made for giving a warning. Sometimes the guinea pig that is lonely will squeal or shriek when it gets afraid of something. Squealing can be of different kinds like coos, rumble, clacking teeth, and wheeting. Guinea pigs coo when they assure the young animals about something. When it does not like anything from the group it will make rumbling sounds that will give a warning to the others in the group. Clacking teeth would be a signal for showing aggression. These signals were also used to threaten the opponent and as a warning to move away. Wheeting is another type of sound that is made by the guinea pigs when they are roaming and searching for food.


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