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Why Do Gymnasts wear Leotards?

Why Do Gymnasts wear Leotards?

The garments that are usually worn by women in gymnastics are leotard. It is a skin tight upper body garment and do not cover the legs. The name of this garment is kept as leotard as it was first designed and worn by French acrobat, Jules Leotard. According to the rules of the competition the leotard should be worn with long sleeves. During the practice sessions sleeve less leotards were used by many athletes and full sleeved leotards during their real performance. The practice sessions will generate more sweat in them and due to this reason sleeveless leotards were preferred. But, today the half-sleeved and sleeve less leotards are also allowed as per the amended rules.

Leotards are very comfortable and gymnasts can move easily with this type of clothes. They feel that their movement is aerodynamic and they need not bother about their shirts or trousers going off from the body and causing discomfort. The sense of clothing might disturb them and make them lose concentration on their performance. While performing gymnastics, people sweat too much and so this suit will help them to stay cool and allow the sweat to get drained off. Leotards also have various designs for a particular team which represents unity in the team.

When the gymnasts are performing on the bars, any clothing which is very loose might get wrapped around the bars. So, leotard is beneficial for conveniently rising, lowering and twisting of the body on the bars. The leotards have to be worn in a certain fashion only in the competition and cannot be stitched or made in the way they like by the participants of competition. The leotards worn by the gymnasts should not run too high or too low on the hip region. The hair style and hair length also should be matching with that of the leotard they are wearing. So, leotards are worn by gymnasts to be comfortable and perform well.


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