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Why Do Hands Sweat?

Why Do Hands Sweat?

Are you embarrassed of your hands? I am not talking about ugly hands. What I meant about that is your sweaty hands. Yes, it is a natural thing for 1% of the whole population. That percentage of people have hand that sweat more than others. If you consider that as something negative, then, you have to understand why you have that particular condition.

If you sweat it means that you body is responding to a change in temperature. This is normal considering the body has to adapt and protect itself. When you are agitated, stressed or have exerted too much force, your body will result to sweating just so it could normalize itself once again. There are millions upon millions of sweat glands in the body and half of those millions are on the palms. That is why it is quick to expel sweat.

But there are times when sweaty hands are considered to be abnormal. That extreme sweating condition of the palms is called Palmar Hyperhidrosis. What causing this? Sympathetic nervous system is believed to be the cause for this excessive and unnecessary sweating.

You don’t have to be stressed, tensed or working out. Even on a normal daily chore, your palms will just sweat away profusely without any reason. This can cause embarrassment on your part. Plus it can hinder you from properly doing what you have to do. Take for example answering an examination. Some exams, most especially licensure examinations require takers to bring in pencils and that’s it. If you have sweaty hands plus the fact that you are in distress, answering an examination to determine your future, your palms would just give you away. It will sweat and sweat and sweat! How can you answer an exam if your hands are constantly wet? Do you see the point now?

Anyway, it is not too late. There are lots of remedies and cures for sweaty palms. Find what can do good for you.


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