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Why do HDMI cables cost so much?

“HDMI” stands for “High Definition Multimedia Interface.” Many encounter the term “HDMI” when talking about digital audio and video.  But as many people have noticed, HDMI cables are sold at high prices.  This makes people wonder why many of these cables are very expensive when the prices of TVs and other appliances are even going down.

In today’s real world, every gadget or appliance that people get to visualize things is termed “digital,” and in order to connect one device to the other, one needs to have an HDMI cable.  The main advantage of this type of inter-connection cable is that it is compatible with digital technology, and it takes out the spaghetti wiring of various cables in the whole digital appliance and/or gadget setup. As for the experts, one reason that makes HDMI cables expensive is the brand.  The more expensive HDMI cables are those with known brands, and these brands need to pay for advertising and marketing costs, so they usually cost much more than generic cables.

Another reason for the pricey HDMI cables is that retailers need to mark up prices for accessory items like cables for the simple reason that they do not earn much profit with major items such as television sets and game consoles.  In order to gain extra profits, some retailers are said to put a higher price tag on HDMI cables, for example.  Others also point out to the technology involved in the production of HDMI cables.  With today’s evolving technology in terms of high-quality video and audio, HDMI cables provide just the right compatibility and connectivity.  But then, of course, many sceptics do not usually believe what the marketing people say about these expensive HDMI cables.   Many of them also claim that generic and inexpensive varieties work as well as the name brand  expensive ones.


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