Why Do Hockey Players Tape Their Socks?

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Why Do Hockey Players Tape Their Socks?

Hockey is one of the most exciting sports to watch and play. It requires speed and presences of mind. Hockey may not only be played on ice but also in the field. The game is played using a ball and a curved stick. The player needs to shoot the ball in the goal by hitting it with a stick.

What makes hockey different from other sports is the use of the curve-shaped stick. This stick is made of fiber glass or wood. The outfit of hockey players is also interesting to look at. But it is quite intriguing to see is a hockey player taping his sock. It’s just usual for a hockey to wear socks because they usually play during cold season. This is to protect their skin from cold. Hockey can also be very risky because the players face the danger of been hit. The socks are also helpful garment to protect them from hard hits.

Some hockey players are not just satisfied in wearing their socks. They tape them, too. The reasons why hockey players take their socks are for comfort and to hold up the socks. Some players also wanted their socks to be tight. Some socks might be loose so it needs to be tapes so it won’t fall down. Since hockey is an intense game, the players need to be comfortable while playing. If they wear very large socks that keep on falling down, their game will be ruined because they will be conscious of how their falling socks.

If the socks fit well and are taped comfortably to their legs, they can move better and play better. For fashion, some hockey players tape their socks with different colors. Taping the socks can be a preference for a player. May it be for comfort or fashion, what’s important is, they play the game well.

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  1. Will

    October 31, 2011 2:16 am

    Actually us hockey players tape our socks, and sweats when we don’t wear socks, to hold our shin guards in place. The straps on shin guards are not enough to keep them in place and you do not want them moving when you skate and getting out of their protective position.


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