Why Do Horses Have Manes?

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Why Do Horses Have Manes?

Horses are just like human beings. They have feelings. They also eat to live. They have distinct characteristics which allow them to survive.
Horses have unique anatomy. Its eyes can see two directions at once. It has hooves that grow at 1 cm a month. It can run and jump without hurting itself because the hooves can absorb the shock. It also has tails for swishing away insects that disturbs its skin.

Another interesting characteristic of a horse is its mane. The manes also functions as the tail. It is also used to swish off insects so as not to disrupt its eyes and face. Since the horse runs fast, its needs to have a clear vision. If there are flies or bugs that disturb the eyes of the horse, the manes functions as fan to get rid of the insects. The mane needs to fan away those insects so that they will not deposit their eggs at the horses’ back and neck. It’s very dangerous for insets to stay at the horses’ neck because they may cause skin allergies. Any irritation felt by the horse can ruin the performance of the horse.
The horses’ manes is just like the hair of human beings. It is the crowning glory of the horse. For horse lovers, they even spend time washing and applying shampoo to the mane to make it look soft and fresh. The mane of the horse can determine how well-groomed the horse is. The healthier the mane, the more refreshing the horse will feel.

The mane must be cleansed well because dirt can be trapped here. Once the mane is not washed, it can irritate the skin of the horse. Furthermore, the horse will scratch its neck if it feels itchy so the manes can be ripped out from the skin. If you love your horse, you should always clean its mane because it has an important function to the lives of the horses.

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