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Why Do Humans Like Music?

Why do humans like music?

When we are very much disturbed in our minds, we seek for relaxation. Some people would feel relaxed when they experience silence. Some need music for relaxation and some need the company of their friends for relaxation. Some watch movies, some play games and some hunt. Several different ways are there to keep our mind at ease. But, most of the people would like to listen to music in one form or the other. This is because probably the holiness and soothing nature of the divine touch is provided by music. That is why there was a saying that ‘music is divine’. Music can be called as ‘divine’ as it can lift up the hidden good in us and drive away the bad qualities for some time. We forget everything around us and get involved in the music. During those moments, we even forget the qualities present in us like hatred, jealousy, envy, anger, misery, passion and ego. The music has the power to fill the joy of love in us totally. That is the reason why it is compared with divinity.

The individual who wants to eat will have a desire for eating expressed by the stomach as hunger. Like-wise every organ in our body will express some desire to be fulfilled and they trigger the action to be performed in order to fulfill their desires. But, the passion for music will not expect anything else but happiness which is distinguished from the happiness we get from fulfilling our desires. Enjoying music is a part of recharging the divine spirit in us and nothing else. Relaxation also is recharging of the body and spirit to carry out our activities with fresh mind. Music will gain the vigor of our body, mind and soul. This makes the humans to lead their living in a harmonious way. That is why humans like music.


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