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Why Do I Crave Salt?

Why Do I Crave Salt?

Salt is a white or colorless crystalline solid that is used widely in the preparation of food as a seasoning or a preservative. It is actually a mineral that can be mined from the earth. The most common form of salt that we have access to is the table salt. However, this is usually devoid of the mineral properties that salt has. We use it so often that we feel that something is lacking in our food when it is not flavored with salt. We crave for it for a number of reasons.

One is that we have been used to it being present in all the food that we eat especially the savory ones. Our taste buds have grown accustomed to it to add more flavor to a dish that we automatically look for that salty flavor. So when we try to cut back for health reasons, we find ourselves looking for it.

Since it is a mineral, our bodies need it. When our bodies feel that there is lack of this particular mineral, something in our brain tells us that it is needed then we start to crave for it. However, since the salt that we have now is devoid of the mineral properties, our body is still not able to get it after eating salty foods. The need for it is not satisfied that we why we tend to consume a lot of salt.

People who live active lives and are always on the go as well as people who are stressed out more often than not have high cravings for salt. Since this people suffer from adrenal exhaustion, they crave for salty foods to balance it out.

The sodium in salt is important for our bodies. However, having too much of one thing can also be harmful.


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