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Why Do Identical Twins Have The Same DNA?

Why do identical twins have the same DNA?

Identical twins are created from the same zygote which later splits into two halves and develop into an individual from each of the halves. DNA stands for Deoxyribo nucleic acid which consists of genes that are expressed uniquely in each individual. The fingerprints of every person in this world differ and that is because of unique DNA that exists in each one of us. In the case of identical twins, they both come from the same zygote and hence the DNA must be the same as the single zygote divides into two. Yes, the DNA of identical twins will be same. But the processing of genes in the DNA into proteins will be slightly different.

DNA is the material that only has genes embedded in it and does not prepare any proteins from the genes. There is specific machinery in the cell that is involved in conversion of genes into proteins. Proteins in enzymatic form are actually involved in transcribing and translating the genes in the DNA. So the conditions in which the genes are processed, the way the enzyme acts on the DNA in two different cases of identical twins make the two organisms slightly different. But they look very much similar as the genes are same in both of them. Just the way they are expressed in the separate organisms makes them look different little bit.

Due to the influence of bodily conditions in making use of genes in DNA and expressing them makes the appearance of identical twins to be different from each other. This allows the identical twins to have separate finger prints. The fingerprints are obtained based on the expression than the structure of DNA. During pregnancy, the nurturing of the identical twins will be different and hence the two individuals will have different fingerprints though they have the same DNA. Moreover the single cell in the starting will keep on splitting again and again that innumerable copies of it will be made in every daughter cell created. These copies will result with some or other minor modifications which will end up with a big change in the fingerprint of the resulting organism.


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