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Why Do Identical Twins Look Different?

Why Do Identical Twins Look Different?

Normally a fertilized egg divides and re divides to form a mass of cells which later differentiates into various other types of cells. These cells later transform into various types of tissues and then into organs and then an organism results. A single fertilized egg in the mother’s womb will give rise to a new organism. Identical twins are made when the fertilized egg instead of dividing into another cell of the same tissue, splits into two separate cells. Each of these cells starts regeneration separately and develops into two separate organisms. They are called as identical twins. In the case of non-identical twins two different eggs get fertilized separately by two sperms and both of them grow separately. This is the major difference between the identical and non-identical twins.

When identical twins have grown they might have developed from the similar DNA. This is because the original DNA copy of zygote would have replicated and got distributed into two separate cells. So, definitely the DNA molecules that are present in the two identical twins must be similar or rather same. That is the reason for the identical twins to look almost same. When we look at twins and observe properly we can find that they are not exactly identical and might differ in at least one or the other aspects.

When our body is governed by the genes that are residing in the DNA molecule, identical twins must get their body organizations as same. But we can see them slightly different or rather unique. This makes us understand that genes are not the only entities that are responsible for the building up of the body. The genetic action is also influenced by the environmental activities. The environmental activities might include the type of food taken in, the sleeping habits, the physical activity, mental status, and the external environmental effect.

The heights and weights of the identical twins are affected by the diet they take in. The minute differences that exist in them were found to be starting right from the mother’s womb. The fingerprints of identical twins also will differ which can be observed by an expert. This might be due to the way the baby touches the amniotic sac before the birth. It is evident by many scientific experiments that growth of the identical twins or in fact any human being is influenced by the environmental factors.


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