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Why Do Immigrants Come To America?

Why Do Immigrants Come To America?

A questions asked by many Americans themselves and yet they probably know the answer to this question. America is a land of democracy and is the leading example of that type of government in the world. People like their freedom and their rights to be secure above all. What better place to go than the very country that radiates this ideal?

America is known to many as a land that holds many opportunities. This includes jobs, new opportunities and the start of a fresh new life. America has a charm of its own, even among the many countries on where people can go and try to make their dreams come true. People flock in thousands, just to get a citizenship and help bring their relatives with them to the states.

The prosperity of this country is also one of the reasons why people choose America when they migrate. This is true especially, when you came from a country that have a lot of problems like lack of work, poor economy, poor education, insufficient resources and facilities that helps the citizens live a more normal and happy life. In short, everyone is looking for a better life and a good opportunity to change themselves for the better.

Immigrants still believe that America is the place that will give them freedom that they wanted. The freedom of choice, beliefs, cultures, tradition and even religion are the things that America allows within its territory. They call it the land of dreams and at times the Promised Land.

America’s modern facilities also entice people to migrate to the states. Their quality of education, medication, transportation, communication and even their military capabilities are considered as the best in the world. With everything just within your fingertips, it is really hard to ignore the possibilities that will open up to you in America.

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