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Why do inmates join prison gangs?

In many prisons across the world, various gangs exist.  Some prisons even host several number of gangs that are frequently involved with fighting and violent activities.  With this kind of reputation, gangs have become magnets for many inmates as these will be their means of security and protection.  Joining gangs for many inmates is similar to being part of a brotherhood, group, or fraternity.  Since the gangster life is synonymous with fighting and violence, many inmates long for protection and security while inside the prison and the only way to achieve these is through joining one of several gangs.  Being part of one gang simply means having other inmates as protectors in times of violence and trouble with other gangs.

Some inmates also join gangs inside prisons to become part of drug-trafficking related activities.  Some are in it to earn from this particular activity while some join gangs to have access to illegal drugs.  However illegal it may seem, the use and sale of drugs in various prison houses across the world literally exists.  Some inmates and prisoners even earn so much money from drug trafficking while in prison compared to their regular jobs outside of it.

Not all prison gangs are involved in violence and illegal activities though.  Some gangs are formed out of common interests and brotherhood and it is for these reasons that some inmates join them.  Being in prison can be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually difficult for most people and with these concerns the only way for them to survive is through the friendship and brotherhood offered by other members of a particular gang.   There are also times that gangs inside prisons become the only means for inmates to be involved in meaningful activities like Bible sharing sessions for example.  Through gangs, many inmates gain friends and brothers who help each other cope with the difficulties they have while in prison.


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