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Why do interest groups form?

Why do interest groups form?

An interest group is a collection of individuals that most commonly share the same goal or mission. The context of forming interest groups is highly associated in the field of politics. In this specific field, interest groups can be defined as any association of individuals or organizations, usually formally organized, that, on the basis of one or more shared concerns, attempts to influence public policy in its favor. An interest group can also be termed as special interest group or pressure group. In interest groups, there exists the desire to affect the government policy in order to give benefit to themselves or to the majority of the total population. As a natural outgrowth of the communities of interests that exist in all societies, interest groups can exist in all levels of government such as in the a natural outgrowth of the communities of interests that exist in all societies. In the years of existence of many emerging interest groups, they have shown to contribute significantly in the political affairs, especially in establishing international linkages.

As the formation of interest groups have been observed to gradually increases since late 1960s, it was discovered that structural, political and governmental influences moved the people to create such groups. The reason why interest groups form is because of the desire to create change and modify laws and behaviors for the good and overall benefit of the people. such interest groups form so that any one nation can move towards development, progress and success in all aspects and fields that comprise any country. Although interest groups are not easy to form, sustain and maintain, formation of interest groups occur due the ultimate passion of mobilizing change and making essential impact in the society and more so in any existing country.


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