Why Do Iphones Freeze?

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Why Do Iphones freeze?

Iphone freezes when there is any problem with iphone software. There is no particular reason that can be identified most of the times for the iphone to get frozen. In that situation it is better to restart the system similar to what we generally do to our computer when it gets struck. It is observed by some users that frozen iphone can be rectified by just taking out the battery and resetting it. This might solve the problem in some situations but not every time.

It is observed in many situations that when you are downloading some application into iphone and simultaneously running another application instrument might get frozen. It is seen in some situations that iphone freezes when Wi-Fi is on. It is found that iphone started freezing when new software IPhone 3.1 has been installed. Iphone 3G users are also known to be major sufferers. It is felt by some technicians that the frozen instrument might be the result of a corrupted file. There is possibility for many other iphones also to be frozen if the corrupted file has got synchronized with all others from one instrument, through internet.

Some users reported that when the bookmarks option is activated the instrument freezes. When the bookmarks are cleared off then the instrument starts working normally. Probably the software that was there in that phone was not capable of handling the bookmarks. The use of FW2.2 in iphone helps the instrument to get rebooted after it gets frozen.

It is recently observed that iphones that are connected via USB to the computers having windows 7 operating system also freeze quickly. Iphone is one of the devices which is affected by windows 7 OS in the computer. Many other bulk storage devices were also observed to have frozen as reported by the Microsoft.

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