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Why do Kamikaze pilots wear Helmets?

Why do Kamikaze pilots wear Helmets?

Kamikaze pilots are part of Japan’s war group assigned exclusively for making suicide attacks on American warships at the end of World War II. They killed many thousands of people in New York and Washington. Hence, these attacks were termed as suicide attacks. These attacks by Kamikaze pilots were announced on October 19th 1944 by Onishi who was then the Vice-Admiral of the Japanese navy.

These kamikaze pilots wore helmets that made everyone think that they want to keep their ears warm. Generally ,a pilot’s helmet is not designed to protect his head from crash. If the plane comes into contact suddenly with the ground and is very fast then no matter what the people inside are wearing they are at a high risk. The head covers worn by the pilots in World War II were only for protection against wind and rain. The pilots wore helmets for the sake of holding radio ear phones which allowed them to relax. Moreover, there was also the military regulation requiring pilots to wear helmets.

To face any challenging situations in the air during the flight, Air forces will put on brain buckets. These are hard and can protect the pilot fighter’s head from getting stuck to the large tree tops during high speed air travel. The helmets are not for saving their lives but just to protect them from any unexpected incident that might happen to damage their heads.

In the same way Kamikaze pilots also wear helmets to have a safe and comfortable flight but they do not really think that the helmets will save their lives. The helmets of Kamikaze pilots are known to be lined with fur. They are observed to be cool even in non-pressurized regions of the tropics too. It is also said that helmets are worn by Kamikaze pilots in order to keep their heads intact even after crash so that Japanese government will recognize them later and recognize their bravery.


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