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Why do kangaroos live only in Australia?

Kangaroos are large mammals that belong to the marsupial family. There are various species of this animal and all of them literally live and grow in Australia. These animals are classified as endemic to this particular country. This simply means that they live only in Australia because of the isolation provided by the island country. Australia is a huge island surrounded by oceans on all sides and this is what restricted kangaroos from reaching other countries. With this kind of geographical limitation, kangaroos became endemic and lived only Australia.

In the past, the continents of the world including that of Australia is said to be connected with each other. Hundreds and thousands of years later though, the continents slow drifted apart from each other forming different continents that people know today. With the geographical drifting, Australia separated from the rest of the world and became a huge island. This event in history basically led to the isolation of many animal species from the rest of the world. These species include the famous kangaroo which has become a symbol of Australia. With this symbolization and actual habitat, kangaroos have become synonymous with Australia. People from other parts of the world would think of Australia as the home of kangaroos.

Aside from geographical isolation, kangaroos were able to live and successfully survive only in Australia because of few predators in the area. Kangaroos are very large mammals and larger animals and beasts are expected to be their predators. In Australia, there are not much large animals that prey on kangaroos and this has eventually led to their survival in various parts of Australia. In fact, various kangaroo species can be found living in all parts and territories of Australia. The most common species are the red kangaroo, antilopine kangaroo, and the western and eastern gray kangaroos.


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