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Why do Kids Drop Out of School?

Why Kids Drop Out of School?

For parents, packing their children’s lunch, seeing them tie their shoe laces, straighten their shirt up and see them board the school bus is such a pleasurable joy and a definite fulfillment. We see our adorable toddlers grow up to be young students gearing up for the bright future ahead of them. However, sometimes, some good things just never last and parents find themselves in a situation where they have never wished to be in, a visit to the principal’s office because their beloved child dropped out of school.

Indeed, there are many cases of children dropping out from school and this problem has been very prevalent all over the world. Each and every case is different. Reasons why kids drop out of school vary from pressure from peers, unable to cope up with lessons, household problems or money problems too.

Kids can also drop out of school if they were exposed to earning their own money at an early age. They feel that learning from school is no longer needed since they are capable of earning a living. Without proper guidance, these kids will lead their life out on their own and will insist of not coming back to school and get a proper education at all.

Another reason is the influence of other children. Yes, kids do hang out with each other a lot and they do talk about things. If your child happens to get in the wrong crowd, a crowd where education is not really that important, he/she could also end up not liking school anymore.

Let’s face it, kids are kids and while we think that they have their own minds, they are still too young enough to handle pressures which why parents and teachers should always have open communication to consistently monitor their progress. Education begins at home and parents should know this before you let your child out in the open world. If you do let them out, nourish them with love and care and make sure you keep an open communication with them.


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