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Why do laptop batteries die so fast?

Why do laptop batteries die so fast?

The emergence of laptops has obviously invaded almost all parts of the world. Coming from different countries and bearing a variety of brands and features, laptops have become part of the basic necessities of human existence. One feature that brings people in constant agreement about laptops is that it is way much convenient compared to the old trend of having desktops. Being one of the handy gadgets that remain to exist and continuously influence the people’s lifestyle, laptops have evidently made the busy life of people easier and more accessible.

As handy as it can be, problems associated with the use of laptops come in handy as well. One of the common complaints about laptops is their battery’s life. As laptops are used over time, the life of its battery decreases, eventually dying out in just a couple of minutes after the laptop was turned on. One identified cause of batteries dying so fast is because of heat produced by the AC adapter being used to charge the laptop. Another reason is the use of batteries until it goes empty. Experts have always advised to charge batteries well even before they go empty. Leaving laptop batteries completely empty also cause it to die fast. The battery has a built in safety mechanism that prevents possible overheating and explosion from the fully discharged battery. False use of AC adaptor is one more cause for batteries of laptops to die easily. In cases where wrong AC adapters are used which has too low a voltage or current rating, the notebook may run on the mains but the battery may not charge. Extended use of laptops also promotes short life of laptop batteries. These conditions may indicate that one’s laptop battery may need to be changed.


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