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Why do leprechauns wear green?

Why do leprechauns wear green?

Leprechauns are most often included in many Irish folklore stories, portraying the role of a fairy. Leprechauns are typically described as taking a form of an old man, usually clad in either a red or green coat. They are often found to be making shoes, and have the habit of storing away all the coins they have in a golden pot, which they believe to be hidden at the end of the rainbow. Pictured to be smaller than the average height of a small child, leprechauns are known to grant three wishes to humans, once they are caught. Derived from the Irish word, leipreachán, the word leprechaun was defined by Patrick Dinneen as a pygmy or a sprite. Later, other derivations were claimed. The origin of leprechauns was claimed by folk traditions to be coming from the Tuatha de Danann. When the Milesians came to Ireland, as stipulated in the Book of Invasions, they conquered the Tuatha de Danann and forced them to live under ground, thereby making them smaller than children.

The leprechauns are said to be solitary creatures, whose principal occupation is making and mending shoes, and who enjoys practical jokes. They are found to be always wearing green. Because of this, many people asked the reason behind such color of clothing. Leprechauns wear green because these creatures were believed to be representing Ireland, which obtains a state color of emerald color. Many have also believed that the reason why leprechauns wear green is because they are able to hide in a field of clover, since they come in camouflage with its color. It was believed that it was their way of hiding their pot of gold.

Until today, leprechauns are still one popular image incorporated in many movies, stories and fairy tales


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