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Why do Lizards do Push ups?

Why do Lizards do Push ups?

When you see a lizard doing push ups, he is just doing some body building exercises for the next lizard tournament (yeah right). Seriously, a lizard doing pushups is neither heard nor seen by most people. It may come to a surprise to people that different species of lizard actually do this ‘exercise, routine.

The reason why lizards do this ‘push ups, had become an interesting topic among researchers and scientists even today. It is unclear whether they do this to mark their territories, to scare away potential predators, to attract the females or tell other male lizards to back off. These athletic displays are observed during different intervals of the day.

Some lizards also include head bobbing and tail swinging whenever they do the push ups. Different species tend to have different styles of doing it. Whether it is used for communicating or a natural reflects among the lizards, no one has a clear explanation on the matter. Others believe that since lizards are cold blooded, they do these push ups to control the temperature of their body.

People believe that action speaks louder than words. Maybe this is true when it comes to lizards. Lizards are probably not the best of talkers (not that I’ve ever heard one) only a few species can manage to create a sound. The geckos are one of the only lizards that can create sounds in the lizard world. A few lizards hiss and make guttural sounds but not enough to be heard by others. So the next best thing that they can do is physical or visual means to catch someone’s attention.

Humans also use signs to catch someone’s attention and it is possible to communicate using only hand signs. If humans can do it, then lizards may have been doing it since the beginning of time.


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