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Why do Marriages end in Divorce?

Why do Marriages end in Divorce?

Marriage is one form of sacrament that observes the union of two individuals with the presence of God and His chosen witnesses, as represented by the people being part of the ceremony. The sacrament of matrimony is one critical path of devotion that permits two persons to enter into a life of wholeness, only in the presence of one another. Marriage is an important event in the lives of two individuals joined together by the knot of love and tied firmly on faith, hope and understanding.
However, in the current status of most marital relationships these days, the essence of the sacrament of matrimony has become one form of a habit only. One day a person gets married and the next week, month or year, the couple files for annulment or divorce. Divorce is legally defined as a permanent termination or closure of a marital relationship. Under this concept, the legal duties and responsibilities vested upon the couple during their union becomes a subject for cancellation. Although the legality of divorce has been an issue for many years in various existing countries, there are countries today that allow the practice of getting a divorce while others maintain the essence of the sacrament and stand firm on not legalizing such practice.
Decisions of getting a divorce may be caused by several factors. Divorced couples reason out that their incompatibility does not make their relationship work. Incompatibility only creates more conflicts and arguments. Another reason why marriages end up in divorce is because couples don’t completely trust each other. The level of suspicion is so high that the value of trust is not anymore appreciated. For most couples, divorce becomes the only option of resolving their marital conflicts and living a life out of complete misery.


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