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Why do medical records exist ?

Why do medical records exist?

Medical records are documents which records the medication history of a patient. If it is asked about the existence of medical records that why it is needed or what is the need of a medical record, there are countless numbers of answer that why medical records do exist.

Medical records help a doctor to shorten the time of diagnose process. Besides, it helps a doctor to keep in check that what things should be kept carefully in the back of the mind to keep the medication process a success. Almost all the medicines have some kind of side effects. Sometimes there might be concern about certain things or components to be avoided in a medication as a patient might have various kinds of disease or virus within its body. Then again if a patient is already going through a medication and needs further medication, doctors seeing the medical records, can determine that what kind of medicines could be prescribed to the patients.

Even if anybody is not sick a medical records describing the fitness of a person would be regarded as a certificate to denote that he/she is fit. So, in cases medical records could also be used as fitness certification and nowadays, in almost every job sector requires a medical certificate before recruiting a person to see if the hired person is physically fit.

Then again if a patient is going through a long term treatment and doing a good progress or going worse sometimes, a medical record is a very important thing to keep check on, as it shows a diagnose that no other machine in the world can give. It can be said strongly that a medical record is a piece of paper which could be life saving sometimes if recorded with care and accurateness.


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