Wondering Why?

Why do memories hurt?

Memories are those which can make us to recall good as well as bad times of the past. Though life brings lot of changes, memories remain not shattered for long time. As the Days move on in our life, the past experiences become lessons for us which show us the way to handle issues that you might face in future. Past experience should always help us to learn our mistakes if any and continue with the right things if we have done any. Analyzing our deeds in the past will sometimes help us to some extent in building our character. To do the right analysis and be positive in looking at the future we need to recall our memories.

Memories generally hurt us when we have done anything wrong in that situation. Memories also might hurt when we have suffered in the past without our mistake. Memories also bring joy and cheers if it is the situation where people get benefited from our help. Though the bad memories might have made you suffer a lot in the past, some of them bring a significant change in your life. This change might be appreciated by yourself now though you might not have done that before while facing the situation. So, those memories will make you feel proud of yourself and give you strength to handle such similar situations in the future. So, memories might hurt sometimes as well as sometimes bring you satisfaction.

But, as life keep changing our perspective towards a situation also will change as time progresses. A situation which might have made you sad might not bother you much now. This can happen if your perspective towards the things changes or if you have analyzed clearly what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, memories will hurt only if you still view the situation as very heavy. If you look at it with positive attitude and if you are now in a very happy mood, the bad memories would not hurt you much.


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