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Why do Men act like they don’t Care?

by joanna


Why do Men act like they don’t Care?

Women are naturally emotional and caring. You can easily see it through her actions which I personally think is the reason why God gave the women the ability to reproduce and give life. Men on the other hand although they too have emotions tend not to show it and act like they don’t care at all. So why are they acting this way? In order to understand them, I asked a few men regarding this topic and here’s what I’ve learned.

Men act this way because of a few reasons:

Pride. Men are naturally prideful. They act this way because they need to look tough and macho. They are afraid of what others might say to them especially when it comes to their friends. For men, it’s all about who’s tough and who’s not.

To show domination. Men act this way in order to imply superiority from the opposite sex. They usually act like this when they need to prove something to his partner or to show that he’s right and he’s the boss.

Culture and environment. Some men act tough because they are trained to. They are brought up not to show too much emotion and maintain their masochism. They have this some sort of belief that ‘real, men shouldn’t ‘do this, or ‘do that,. Another factor is their environment or the place where they grew up to.

To maintain distance. Some men are afraid of getting too much attached or falling deeply with their partner. This may be because of their past relationships or because they have problems relating with other people.

Lastly, men act like this because they really don’t care at all.

Even though men act this way, it doesn’t always mean that they don’t really care at all. In reality, men are just like women. They get hurt, they feel depressed, they get excited and they also cry. They feel love, they want to be loved and they care but their manner of showing it depends directly on the person. The best thing that you can do with them especially if it is your partner is to stay open with each other and talk things out.

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