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Why do Men breakup with Women they Love?

by joanna


Why do Men breakup with Women they Love?

It is very hard to understand why there are some men who’d still decide to breakup with their girlfriend even though they still have deep feelings towards each other. But just like in any relationship, men are just like women who have their own issues and here are some of them.

Pressures of commitment. In the case of being inside a long and serious relationship probably lasting for 2 years and above, the next step is pretty obvious and that same step is what he is afraid to do. He thinks that it is not yet the proper time to settle down or worse, he just doesn’t find himself settling down with you as his partner. But the main reason I think here is that they are afraid losing their freedom of being single.

Another reason is because he doesn’t want to get out of the ‘Playing Field’ just yet. Until he is satisfied, men will always look for the ‘greener grass on the other side’. There is always that possibility to upgrade and find more pleasure in other women. So even though he really loves you, he may still leave you unless of course if you can satisfy his cravings.

Women are too clingy and dependent. He wants you to be clingy but not too much like a police patrolling his every move and he also wants you to be dependent on him but not too much to the extent that every decision must be decided by him. So even though he still loves you, he might just leave you because of what you are doing.

Things are just not working out. This may be because of a lot of reasons such as trust issues, miscommunication, being too critical on each other etc. Trust issues like when you’re listening too much on what your friends or your family say rather than listening to what he says. Miscommunication like when you don’t listen at all to what you man says even when he wants to apologize and explain things. Being too critical like always bringing up the past in every quarrel like he can’t do anything right.

In the end, when men break up with their partner, there are a lot of reasons to consider.

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