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Why Do Men date younger Women?

Why Do Men date younger Women?

Some people are confused when it comes to why men like to date younger women instead of women their own age, and then there are some older women who just don’t like it. It’s not that every man wants to date a younger woman, it is just a preference thing. It could have something to do with past experiences not being very positive with older women, or it could be the fact that those younger women make some men feel young again. There are many things that come into play here, but a few that make up the majority of men.

The fact that younger women tend to be a little bit more on the naive side definitely plays a role in why men tend to choose them over the more mature ones. Men don’t have to worry about these girls hassling them too much and they usually like to party quite a bit. And yes, some men get a kick out of taking advantage of a younger woman’s naivety, but that’s not always the case.

Younger women also have a higher chance of being childless, so that is another reason why some men choose to go that route. The stress of kids alone is known to make women a bit more irritable, so some men try to avoid that like the plague, so they go after younger women.

It’s not that most men date younger women, but it is pretty obvious that way more men date the younger girls than women date younger men. You can think of it as being a bad thing, but not every man does this because they hate older women or anything like that. Some just connect better with younger ladies, so that becomes what they prefer. This tendency of men to go after younger women is not going to change any time soon because people on the overall don’t change that often.


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