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Why do men fall asleep after making love?

by charm


Why do men fall asleep after making love?

‘Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus., This pretty much explains why the female of the species are always or if not, often times, in conflict with the male. This notion does not only apply on the common and sometime petty discourses that women have with men, but their behaviors in the bedroom as well.

For many women who have active sex lives, the correlation between sex and sleep ing among men is practically one of the most annoying facts of life. It has become a pet peeve for most that no matter how passionate your sexual encounters, men more often than not fall asleep immediately afterwards. Although some women feel sleepy after sex, this controversial issue is more pronounced and more likely to happen among men.

So what is it about sex then that pushes a man’s snooze button after sex? First, for the most obvious reason, sex oftentimes takes place at night when men are already physically exhausted to begin with.

Secondly, studies that show that in order for a man to reach full orgasm, a basic requirement is for the body to let go of all fear and anxiety. This process requires a lot of energy for the man’s part (since they ejaculate every time they reach orgasm), which makes it almost natural for their muscles and body to relax and thus feel drowsy. In addition to the two, orgasm triggers a man’s brain to release a cocktail of chemicals, which includes prolactin, a chemical that is linked to the feeling of sexual satisfaction.

When this chemical is released, it signals the body to go on to ‘recovery mode, which is also the reason why it takes time for some men it give it another go. On the other hand, women rarely fall asleep after sex because for them, orgasm actually heightens awareness.

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