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Why Do Men have Breasts?

Why Do Men have Breasts?

Anatomically, males have breasts starting in the womb. All fetuses start in the same way for the first five weeks, with gender specific parts developing after that. At this point, breasts and nipples have already been formed, meaning everyone is born with them. From then, if the child has a Y chromosome, testosterone is released causing a male sexual organ to form.

Gynecomastia causes men to have breasts later in life. Arising in puberty, this is very stressful for adolescent boys. This is a medical condition that explains why some men sprout the much dreaded ‘man boobs., This happens to a man when his body produces an excess of estrogen. It may also happen if a man takes certain medicines for testicular tumor treatments that affect the hormone level.. This phenomenon can be corrected using anti-hormonal treatments or, if needed, surgery is possible.

‘Man boobs, can also form when a man is overweight. They are caused by fat collection over the pectoral muscles. A combination of diet, cardiovascular workouts and weight training can reduce the fat. Anabolic steroids, however, can cause gynecomastia and should not be used.

Both causes of male breasts wreak havoc on the self-esteem of men. If you are concerned about your body, you should consult your doctor for possible treatments.


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