Why Do Men need Women?

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Why Do Men need Women?

All of us know the bible story of Adam and Eve. Adam was the first man that God created. Although he had a lot of animal companions in the garden, still he felt lonely. God noticed this and created Eve, the first woman out of Adam’s own ribs.

When we look at this picture, we realize that women are created for men for many reasons but the main purpose why God created them is to become man’s companion. Since then, man had developed a sense of longing for women and has already been ‘pre-programmed, that he needs a companion, more specifically a woman, who will stay by this side always.

So what does a woman have that a man wants?

Aside from man’s physical needs like sex, physical intimacy etc., which they can only get from women, there are still a lot more reasons why they need us.

Men need women to take care of them. You cannot expect men to do well without women. They need someone to cook for them, comfort them whenever they’re down, someone who listens to their problems and frustration, someone to hug them when they feel down, someone who motivates them and boosts them up whenever they feel tired and defeated. Someone who forgives their faults and accepts them as they are and someone who corrects their errors and sets them back on the right path.

Women help their men develop themselves into a more responsible and mature person. They help these men enhance their potential, nurture their emotions, stimulate themselves and change their waywardness.

For so many reasons such as these, I still wonder why there are a lot of men who consciously betray their mates and hurt women for selfish reasons. They should be thankful for these women for without them, their lives will be 100% lonely and empty.

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  1. deverick

    February 19, 2017 11:18 pm

    i diagree many guys love to be single im one of them.. men are just s** crazy that’s why women think this notion. its women that wear tight clothing revealing tops and pretend by playing games that they rarely look at guys or look away being phony!


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