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Why do Mormons practice polygamy?

The polygamy is the system which is even allowed in the bible. It is observed that bible talks about many men that were polygamous. The polygamy is followed by the approval and blessing from God. The polygamy is followed to multiply and spread the religion. The polygamy refers to a man marrying several women. Polygamy is followed so that the man can impregnate more than one woman every year and can spread his family. A woman can only give birth to a child in one year and she can do this for certain fertile period only. A woman can usually remain fertile for about 30 years or less than that. But, a man can impregnate many women in the period when a woman gives birth to a child. This will help in distributing the religion by expanding the family. If a man has only one wife in his life, he can only be the reason for the birth of one child per year and about 30 children in her entire child bearing years.

But, if the man marries 10 women, he can be responsible for creating about 300 children. If the potential wives who can give birth to a child are many for a man in a period during which he can produce sperms, then he can give rise to several children. In Mormons and in some of the Christian religious groups, it is considered that the women are property of the family. The men who had more wives will be observed to be belonging to high class as he has more possessions. The other reason for maintaining multiple wives in the family is that some women die after giving birth to a child. The children of the dead mother will be taken care of by the other women in the family.

Mormons were practicing the polygamy secretly till the Church announced it officially in the year 1852. According to the study of the Church historians, nearly 33 percent of people in Mormon community are polygamists in the 19th century. These people include church leaders and significant people in the Mormon communities.


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