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Why Do Mufflers Go Bad?

Mufflers can go bad because of a number of reasons that could include rust, accumulation of dust particles, structural damage, such as holes, poor manufacturing quality, wear and tear and shock from the road among many others. Environment with salty moisture could also lead to the deterioration of mufflers. Sometimes a faulty part in other part of the engine exhaust system could lead to mufflers performing poorly.

Mufflers are cylindrical devices which are a useful part of the exhaust system of internal combustion engines, as used in vehicles. Mufflers help reduce the noise of the engine, though they do not perform a very necessary exhaust function in the system.

Mufflers are designed to reduce the loud and unpleasant sound of an internal combustion engine through its design specialized to perform acoustic quieting. The sound is canceled out using destructive interference in the design of the pipes and channels from the engine leading to the exhaust outlet. However, the same mechanism also decreases the efficiency of the engine because of the utility of the same path for combustion exhaust as for the purpose of sound quieting.

This results in a trade off between power increase and noise reduction of an engine. Various muffler types are used for different engine types, including Vector Mufflers, Spiral Baffler Mufflers and Aero Turbine Mufflers, which are roughly based on the very same principle.

The most apparently disturbing sign of mufflers going bad is the awful and unbearable noise that the engine would start to make. The unusually loud sound may be accompanied with thumping and clunking. While this is reason enough to check the mufflers for repairs, it is also a good time to check if the carbon monoxide emissions from your vehicles have escalated due to leakages.

Examine the vehicle for leakages of smoke and do not neglect to get it fixed, as most communities have strict laws pertaining to loud vehicles and excessive carbon emissions.


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