Why Do Muslims Get 72 Virgins?

burka-1003353_640Why Do Muslims Get 72 Virgins?

It has been a great controversy, even a scandal among the Muslim world primarily situated in the west, regarding the reality of the 72 virgins which the Muslims will get if they fight in war for the sake of Allah and their Islamic religion. What makes this controversial a talk of the town is the fact that these Muslims will in fact be rewarded in the next life if they will act as terrorists or suicide bombers mainly for the sake of their goals, mission and vision. These suicide bombers in the West who lack enough comprehension and knowledge regarding the real essence and message of the Quran must be lectured about the real meaning of these 72 virgins which they might receive when they die for the sake of Allah and for the sake of their faith.

Quran scholars believe that the 72 virgins which every good Muslim will be receiving after their death should not be taken literally. Instead it is a representation of paradise. This paradise projects bliss and happiness of being with Allah. Hence, the 72 virgins may be interpreted as the various good things that await someone who did an exemplary work in his life here on earth.

It is very interesting to note that the 72 virgins are realities not with physical nature but those which are to be found in the parameters or boundaries of spiritual sphere. Hence, if this is the case, it is the soul which will eventually benefit these 72 virgin and not the body. Otherwise, the purpose of Allah in establishing this Islamic religion will be defeated. This religion of the Muslims is not a mundane or physical one but it is something that aims for the glorification of the soul and the body. Hence Muslims do actually receive these 72 virgins as part of their soul’s reward in the life hereafter.

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15 Responses to "Why Do Muslims Get 72 Virgins?"

  1. Why do so many say lie against any religion or people? Why do they not even care about religion or virtue at all? Cause of the ego (id) opinion and pleasure priniciple they have above others. Common people made up 72 virgins more then they think the Quran was. It’s not in there and doesn’t even refer to true interpretation. Be respectful, just, and be chaste.. The ego is the lethalest..

    1. Why do so many Americans prejudge and trick Muslims and other people? Cause the ego is satan (a great deceiver). All religious groups need respect. All religions (belief systems) deserve even more respect. respect for truth more than for self. be humble..

      1. Take your focus off everyone and put it on yourself! Check yourself. Check myself. Every human needs to be humble and respect facts more than f’d up opinions..

        1. Muslims are not born to kill others they are not taught to hurt anyone they Aint made that way! Islam is a religion of peace and it gives respect to all religion and their followers so stop thinking that muslims are terrorist! and respect all religions and their believers!

          1. So this religion teaches to virtuous in earth but promotes lust & immorality in heaven. What bullshit is this. If any of the book says that then it cannot be book of god. Most other religions incl Christianity, Buddhism,Hinduism, Jainism promotes that if you are in heaven you are above any feelings and desires and you are more in oneness with God, who we consider to be above any desires and feelings.

          2. you are decievied , sikandar…Believe in Jesus Of Nazarth….the TRUE SON OF GOD….If you are truly sorry for your sins, and ask HIM to forgive you…HE WILL….

  2. same goes for christianity and many other religions
    i say christanity because it’s a main thing for white people and americans who are very “patriotic”. Ppl need to understand all religons have its dark past, mostly due to manipulation and deceit from those who control it.


  3. it would be nice if people of all religions could speak nicely to each other and respect each other as fellow human beings all created by God, and all in one way or another searching for God.

  4. 72 virgins….virgin “what” ??? cows, sheep. dogs. cats, demons ??? and what about the females who blow up people….what do they get ???….


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