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Why do Muslims shave their mustaches?

Why do Muslims shave their mustaches?

There are definitely plenty of religious factions out there today that have some type of policy when it comes to growing out and shaving their facial hair. One reason would be to show discipline when it comes to facial hair and how long you are able to grow it, but most of the time it is done out of respect for whomever they look upon as their God and what they feel he must have looked like or something along that line. The Amish people, for instance, continue to grow their hair and facial hair because they do not believe in electronic devices or things of that nature. Another group, who do it for religious reasons, have a few twists and turns of their own when it comes to their facial hair policy.

The men of the Muslim religion have a law that requires them to never cut or trim their beards, but when it comes to their mustaches, they are allowed to trim and even shave them off completely. This is allowed for a few reasons including the fact that their Prophet, Muhammad, had a long beard but a very neatly trimmed mustache and every Muslim looks upon that with admiration and sometimes imitates the same look that he had. Another reason is that when a mustache gets a little long and untrimmed, food and other things can get stuck in it and that is not very attractive at all.

So, for religious and hygienic reasons, the people of the Muslim faith have many reasons and loose laws when it comes to their facial hair policies. It is always good to be at least a little bit loose when it comes to laws because then you have people who tend to respect them more and take them more seriously instead of trying to be an outlaw or the outcast. I think the Muslim people are definitely doing it the right way when it comes to this little law.


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