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Why do NFL players wear fanny packs?

The NFL is one of America’s favorite sporting shows, and many people have noticed that some players are wearing so-called fanny packs on their waists.  These fanny packs are actually hand warmers which literally help the players warm their hands during a particular game.  Some people have suggested that these fanny packs actually function as storage packs for towels and other stuff, but in most cases, they are there to serve as hand warmers.

This is especially true for games that are held in cities with very cool temperatures like in the Northeastern parts of the U.S., for example. When the air is cool, it will also adversely affect the ability of many players to literally play the game.  And when it comes to American football and the NFL, the hands play a big role in terms of catching and holding on to the ball.  With cold temperatures, muscles in the hands may not perform their best, and they need to be warmed up to maintain a high-efficiency hold and grip on the ball.  The fanny packs will then help NFL players warm their hands up during a football game.

The cold weather will also make the sweat on the player’s hands freeze.  And when there is freezing, there is also moisture involved.  In a sport like the NFL, no player wants to have slippery hands, and so the fanny packs also serve to dry out the hands while at the same time warming them up for improved function and efficiency.

Fanny packs are typically worn on the waist with two sides intended for hand warming.  Both right and left hands of the NFL players may be slipped onto the packs in the middle of a game to warm them up and keep away moisture. These fanny packs are specifically designed for the special needs of NFL players especially in games that are held with cooler temperatures than normal to ensure a good game.


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